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Stainless Steel Wire with Eye Terminals

Stainless steel cable with eye terminal
Stainless steel wire rope with eye terminal
Stainless steel cable 1x19 7x7 7x19
Eye terminal
Stainless steel eye terminal
Wire rope for bike racks & bike carriers
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Stainless Steel Wire with Eye Terminals

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Please select the suitable diameter as well as lengthrange. Afterwards please fill in your exact length in the custom length field. The basis for the measurements are written in the technical details.

Diameter / Construction: Diameter / Construction: Technische Details IconTechnical details

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Custom length:

Ready to ship today,
Delivery time appr. 1-3 workdays

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Saltwater resistant V4A AISI 316 stainless steel
Customized made to measure
Handmade in Germany
Free delivery within 2-4 days
Stainless steel rope in 2-8mm thickness with eye terminals Our salt water resistant... more
Product information "Stainless Steel Wire with Eye Terminals"

Stainless steel rope in 2-8mm thickness with eye terminals

Our salt water resistant stainless steel ropes A4(AISI 316) comply with the DIN European Standard 13414-1 and are assigned to the rope classes 1x19, 7x7 and 7x19, these are one or 7 strands with 7 or 19 wires each. Stainless steel ropes with 1x19 construction are considered "stiff" and not very flexible due to the small number of individual wires. 7x7 and 7x19 constructions, on the other hand, offer high flexibility due to the large number of individual wires. The stainless steel wire rope is pressed on both sides with a stainless steel fork terminal in order to be able to attach it to suitable anchor points.

Tested quality: For our stainless steel wire ropes we use only high quality industrial steel with the premium quality V4A AISI 316, so the stainless steel wire rope is both salt water and acid resistant. With the help of several own calibrated universal tensile testing machines we are able to guarantee a complete quality assurance. A works certificate according to DIN EN 10204-2.2 or a meaningful test report can be issued for their application.

Versatile applications: Stainless steel ropes with eye terminal can be used for suitable guy wires for sailboats, for facade greening, for stair railings. Due to the corrosion resistance, stainless steel ropes are increasingly used in outdoor applications.

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Do I give the overall length including an eye-term terminals or the length of the wire rope between the eye terminals?
The specified length (desired weight) refers to the complete useful length of load absorption point of the eye to load receiving point of the eye.Among the technical details you will find a presentation for the length of the wire rope.
What are the minimum production lengths per rope thickness?
The minimum manufacturing lengths are as follows: 2mm rope thickness: 105mm length |3mm rope thickness: 140mm length |4mm rope thickness: 160mm length |5mm rope thickness: 195mm length |6mm rope thickness: 220mm length
What is the diameter of the eye? In which unit is the length of the rope given?
You can find the diameters of the eyes under the technical details. You are welcome to specify the length in millimeters, centimeters or meters in the desired measurement field
How thick or wide is the material in the area of the eye on the terminal?
The material thicknesses of the eye terminals are listed below: 2mm: 3mm thickness | 3mm: 4mm thickness | 4mm: 5.5mm thickness | 5mm: 7mm thickness | 6mm: 8.2mm thickness
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We use only high quality industrial steel for our wire ropes.

We construct our wire ropes according to DIN european norms.

We can offer know-how from over 25 years in Wire-, securing and stop ropes.