Wire Rope End Sleeves black

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  • DS10240
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Stainless steel one-piece clamp stoppers Their Allen screws make them ideal for fastening... more
Product information "Wire Rope End Sleeves black"

Stainless steel one-piece clamp stoppers

Their Allen screws make them ideal for fastening onto steel cables as a stop clamp.

Proven quality: the clamp stoppers are made of high quality seawater-resistant stainless steel, and can endure severe weather conditions due to their high level of corrosion resistance.

Easy handling: the clamp stoppers are only made up of one part, and can very easily be attached to the steel cable with the help of an appropriate Allen key.

Multiple applications: clamp stoppers, (which are also known as rope clamp rings), are perfect for fastening onto wire ropes and acting as stop clamps. For example, with the help of the clamp stopper, shelves can be opened. The clamp stoppers are also ideal for using as a climbing aid for roses, wines, etc.

Easily extendable: the wire rope clamping rings can of course be combined with suitable stainless steel rope or wire rope sets of thicknesses from 2mm-6mm from the Drahtseile24 shop. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

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