Drahtseile24 GmbH – The Company

Drahtseile24 has its origins in 1990, when in the disco and Bühnenbaugewerbe the first demands for securing work equipment üover people became louder.

At that time, however, there was no supplier specializing in this type of safety rope.

The owner and founder Ingo Witthuhn initially helped himself with wire ropes from the port of Hamburg, but very quickly sets höhte quality requirements.

The foundation stone was laid in 1992 with the purchase of the first own tongs and a 100m roll of 4mm wire rope.

After the first press was used in the basement of a single-family home in 1995, Ingo Witthuhn realized his passion for wire rope and invented the warp biner.

Following the construction of the first of now three halls in Hollenstedt on the northern edge of Lower Saxony, Ingo Witthuhn developed a product that fundamentally changed the market:

The Saveking.

The Saveking is the only type-tested, BG-certified safety rope in Germany and was developed to minimize the impulse of falling work equipment.

As a final consequence, the Savekingline was created in 2017 based on the shock-absorbing element of the wire rope.


Ingo Witthuhn
„We want to represent the largest safety rope competence in Germany and at the same time protect people in the theater and Bühnen trades from falling work equipment.“
Ingo Witthuhn, in September 2018
Christian WItthuhn
„Drahtseile24 stands since 1992 for qualified service, high quality and extensive expertise. I would like to continue the company in the second generation with the same values as my father and become your professional supplier for assembled wire ropes.“
Christian Witthuhn, August 2019