Eyebolt Stainless Steel DIN 580

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Thread / working load limit :

  • DS10144
  • 0.05 kg
Saltwater-contaminated V4A AISI 316 stainless steel
Preparation according to DIN EN
Enabled safety factor for fracture
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Saltwater-resistant eye bolts Our forged and saltwater-resistant eye bolts are made of A4... more
Product information "Eyebolt Stainless Steel DIN 580"

Saltwater-resistant eye bolts

Our forged and saltwater-resistant eye bolts are made of A4 AISI 316 stainless steel.

High safety standard: the payload of the eye bolt is specified with a fourfold safety factor to the minimum breaking force.

Proven quality: with the help of several of our universal calibrated tensile testing machines, we are able to guarantee complete quality assurance. A work certificate that is in accordance with the EN 10204.2 can be supplied for your application.

Easy handling: with the help of the pronounced thread, eye bolts can be quickly attached to suitable attachment points.

Multiple applications: one of the purposes of the eye bolts is to ensure the permanent fastening of components such as motors, gearboxes or control cabinets for transport or lifting. Due to the unrestricted corrosion protection, our stainless steel eye bolts can be used excellently outdoors, as well as in saltwater. They are also used for very universal areas of application, such as hanging decorations, flower pots, lanterns, bracing, as supports for plants, or for fastening clotheslines.

Important safety notice: eye bolts are only suitable for light lifting and transport activities and are unsuitable for safety-related applications. The mating thread needs to be at least as long as the nut thread, and the material of the screw must be able to withstand the load of the ring nut.

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