Wire Rope with Turnbuckle DIN 1480 Eye / Eye

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Wire rope tension
Wire rope tensioner
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Bitte wählen Sie den passenden Längenbereich aus und tragen dann im Anschluss ihre genaue Wunschlänge im vorhergesehenen Feld ein. Die zugrunde liegenden Abmaße entnehmen Sie bitte den technischen Details.

Diameter / Working load limit / Wire rope tensioner : Technical details

Length range :

  • DS10141
  • 0.17 kg
Individuelle Maßanfertigung
Enabled safety factor for fracture
Individual clamping possibility
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Silver wire rope in 3-16mm diameter, thimble/thimble mit wire rope lock DIN 1480... more
Product information "Wire Rope with Turnbuckle DIN 1480 Eye / Eye"

Silver wire rope in 3-16mm diameter, thimble/thimble mit wire rope lock DIN 1480 eyelet/eyelet

Our silver-electro-galvanised steel wire ropes comply with the DIN European standard 13414-1 and are assigned to the rope classes 6x19 and 6x37, meaning that they consist of six strands with either nineteen or thirty-seven wires each. The high number of individual wires gives both high flexibility and increased stability. The wire rope is crimped at both ends with a DIN 6899 form B thimble to protect the wire rope at the load-bearing point. Moreover, the wire rope is permanently pressed with a turnbuckle DIN 1480 with an eye hook and a M6, M8, M10, M12, M14 or M20 metrical thread.

High safety standard: we only use high quality industrial steel for our wire ropes. The payload of the steel wire rope is specified with a fivefold safety factor to the minimum breaking force, and is pressed according to the DIN-EN 12385-4. The detailed test reports can be found under'Test Reports' on the article page.

Multiple applications: among other things, the wire ropes are used in trade, bridge building, engineering and shipbuilding. Particularly with the help of the turnbuckle, the wire rope can be tightened and the elastic effect can be regulated.

Various expansion options: our tensioning wire ropes can of course be combined with appropriate shackles or quick-connect links from the Drahtseile24 shop. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via email or telephone.

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We use only high quality industrial steel for our wire ropes.

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